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Aligned Name Coding – Numerological name change

Don’t feel at home in yourself?

Do you feel like all doors are closed to you – no matter what you do?

Have you hit a lot of bumps in the road since you changed your name?

With a name change, you’re supposed to start noticing a positive change within a week. A name change doesn’t remove all of life’s challenges, but it’s not uncommon for a name change to be such a massive cleansing that you can barely contain yourself in the face of extreme change and misfortune. If this has happened to you, something is wrong. And that’s what I want to help you with.

A name change changes both your internal and external circumstances, because everything is energy. The numbers you carry – both your current name and your birthday – are also energy.

All numbers can be both positive and negative. It largely depends on where these numbers are placed in your numeroscope. I work with gematria as well as Chaldean, Iranian, Chinese and Indian numerology when name coding. Are there e.g. Are there numbers that result in chaos in the money flow part of your numeroscope? And what about relationships? Do you have a coding in your numeroscope that makes you eternally single? Or can’t you recognise yourself?

When you change your name, you begin a new life path and experience new opportunities that open up for you.

Included in the price is an initial Zoom session and a follow-up Zoom session 9 months later. After booking, we will schedule our initial Zoom session.

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This is how one of my clients experienced his name change within three months:

“After I had a name change with numerology with Rosa’s help, I have become happier and more outgoing and my friends and family tell me that I have become better at communicating. I was skeptical because I had previously had a name change that didn’t work for me, but Rosa could see some imbalances in the numbers in my name, so I decided to change my name anyway. I have also developed a more loving and close relationship with my wife, who I have been married to for many years. She is also happy that I have become more enterprising and am now doing more things at home than before. I have had severe back pain for about 9 years, for which I have been prescribed morphine by our doctor, as I have not been able to sleep at night because of the pain. The first few days after I changed my name, the pain moved from my back and moved down my arms. Then it moved down my hands to my fingers. On the fourth day, it reached my fingertips and the pain left me. Three months later I am still pain free and it has been many years since I have slept as well as I do now. I highly recommend Rosa if you are looking for a name change with numerology. I am very happy that I did it.”



I do not take responsibility for your health via a name change. A name change is not intended to replace professional medical advice or treatment. Nor to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition. It is my opinion that a name change can be beneficial to the psychological well-being of many people. However, in accordance with the law, there is no guarantee of this.

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