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Chinese numerology and its influence on the nervous system

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One of the things I work with as a numerologist is Chinese numerology. It’s something I integrate into names when name coding to create greater balance and wellbeing. In doing so, I look at the overall sound impression of the new name in combination with the other numerology systems I use. Chinese numerology amplifies the influence of numbers, creating deeper changes in the mind and body. In a world filled with numbers, symbolism and mysticism, Chinese numerology has stood for wisdom and insight for millennia. At the same time, modern neuroscience has begun to explore how sound impressions and symbols affect our nervous system and body. In this article, I write about how Chinese numerology and sound interact and how this interaction can affect our mental and physical health. Not only in name coding, but as an integral part of our everyday life from a scientific perspective.

The neuroscientific approach to the influence of sound

Neuroscience has discovered that sound has profound effects on our nervous system and body. Sounds, music and even voices can change our mood, brainwaves and physical state. This is partly due to the vibrations of sound, which can affect our cells and biochemistry.

Studies have shown that certain sound frequencies stimulate different parts of the brain and body. Through this, we know that low frequency sounds, such as the sound of waves, rain or a gentle melody, can lower heart rate, reduce stress hormones and promote a state of relaxation. High-frequency sounds can increase focus and attention. Similarly, music with different rhythms and tones can affect our mood and emotional state.

The interaction between Chinese numerology and sound impressions

Chinese numerology focuses on numbers, symbols and sound impressions and there is an interesting overlap between this form of numerology and sound impressions in science. This is partly due to the deeper understanding of energy and vibration that both concepts share. Chinese numerology is the practice of using numbers and their symbolism to understand different aspects of life. It is based on the idea that each number and symbol has a unique meaning, energy and sound that can influence both individual destiny and collective wellbeing.

According to Chinese numerology, each number and symbol has an inherent energy and frequency. These frequencies correlate with sound frequencies that affect our nervous system and body. For example, the sound of a certain frequency can resonate with the energy of a number and amplify its positive effects. In doing so, it stimulates our nervous system and body to react in certain ways. It is therefore often used in everything from business transactions to choosing auspicious dates for weddings and events. Let’s explore this even further.

The influence of sound on our surroundings

When we talk about how sound has an impact on our surroundings, we can’t help but mention Dr Masaru Emoto, a Japanese scientist. He became famous for his controversial but thought-provoking experiments with water and sound. His work has generated a lot of interest and debate within scientific circles as well as among people interested in alternative and holistic approaches to healing and consciousness development.

One of Emoto’s most famous experiments involved affecting the structure of water through sound. He exposed water to different types of music, including classical music, heavy metal and even positive or negative words and phrases. Subsequently, the crystal structure of the water was photographed and analysed.

Emoto observed that water exposed to beautiful, harmonious sounds or positive words formed beautiful, symmetrical crystals. In contrast, water exposed to dissonant or negative sounds or words formed irregular, fragmented crystals. These results were presented as evidence that water responds to the emotional and energetic quality of the stimulus it receives.

Emoto’s experiments have generated significant interest in the relationship between water, sound and consciousness. Many people have taken his work as inspiration to explore similar topics and approaches to healing, personal growth and wellbeing. While there is still much to be understood about this connection, Emoto’s work has become an important step towards exploring the deep and complex connection between humans and nature. Not least because our bodies contain approximately 60% water.

Sound impressions and the deep connection to molecules in the body

What many people may not realise is the deep connection between sound and molecules in our body. Research into the effects of sound on molecules has led to an understanding of how sound can affect our health and wellbeing down to the cellular level. Sound is made up of vibrations that travel through the air or a medium and reach our ears. These vibrations can affect the molecules in our body in several ways.

1. resonance

When sound vibrations pass through our body, they can resonate with different molecules, causing them to vibrate at the same frequency. This phenomenon can have profound effects on our biochemistry and physical state.

2. Frequency

Sounds have different frequencies, which are measured in hertz (Hz). Different frequencies can affect different types of molecules. For example, low-frequency sounds can have a calming effect, while high-frequency sounds can be stimulating.

3. Molecular structure

Sounds can also directly affect molecular structure and movement. Research has shown that sound can change the way molecules are organised and interact with each other.

Sound is more than just a pleasure for our ears; it is a force that can affect our body and mind on deep levels. Through sound therapy and research into the effects of sound on the molecules in our body, we have begun to discover the potential it has for healing, wellbeing and personal development. With continued research and exploration of this exciting field, it’s possible that sound therapy will play an increasingly important role in the future of medicine and healthcare.

Chinese numerology and your name

If you carry a name with a sound that doesn’t harmonise with who you are deep down, you will often feel that something seems wrong. That you don’t feel at home in your name. That’s why it’s important to look at the birthday itself, as who you are deep down is reflected in your birthday. The sound impression directly influences the nervous system and affects the state of the body.

The energy frequency in our names therefore affects our entire energy system. Therefore, sounds should ideally have a balancing effect on our energy system. Fluctuations in the sound of names are vibrations that affect us positively and negatively. If there are too many fluctuations in the sound of our names, it can affect our energy system.

Chinese numerology and scientific research into sound impressions therefore form an important symbiosis for understanding the energy in our lives and surroundings. By exploring the interplay between these two concepts, we open the door to a new world of possibilities for personal growth, healing and well-being.

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